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About Artistic Urns

The Company

Artistic Urns was founded in 1997. After fiveyears of extensive testing on methods of construction, glues, finishes, and urn specifications and requirements, we are presenting a line of eight custom-made models.

RBD, Inc. has extensive art and design capabilities with artwork approvals for clients available on request. Computer designed profiles for any shape and size urn can be generated for a nominal charge.




Questions on any requirement for a custom urn can be answered quickly and clearly by dialing 1-800-675-4206. For more information email us.

Where can I buy an urn?

Please call us at 1-800-675-4206 to order an urn or visit the urn page and use the Buy It Now button.

How can I pay for my urn?

All orders on urns are available for payment on Visa and MasterCard.

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